Kristina, Owner & Yoga Teacher

Kristina loves yoga. Fascinated by the unique combination of mindfulness & movement, she was initially drawn to the opportunity yoga presented to establish a sense of alignment & grounding. She quickly discovered more than she'd imagined possible. Kristina believes yoga offers something for everybody and creates space to pause, breathe, and simply enjoy existing. She is amazed by the energy, inspiration, and clarity she continually finds through yoga & is inspired to share as often as she can.

Haley, Yoga Teacher

Haley originally tried yoga as a way to build physical strength, but soon realized the strength she was gaining was also mental and emotional. She became a teacher in the hopes of helping others locate that power within themselves too! Whatever level you're at, Haley will lead you through a challenging, joyful practice.

Meghan, Yoga Teacher

Meghan's mother planted the seed of yoga in her when she was very young, but as an adult she found a new appreciation for it. She began to practice regularly in her early twenties driven by low-back and hip pain, and a desire to quiet the mind while energizing the body. She found yoga therapeutic and empowering, body and soul, and had a desire to share these teachings with others.

Lisa, RN, MEd & Reiki Practitioner

Lisa is a registered nurse who Is also a certified psychiatric and mental health nurse. Lisa also holds a masters degree in health education which includes a certificate in integrative health and wellness. She is Reiki practitioner and in addition to individual sessions offers sessions in Restorative Yoga & Reiki with her daughter, Meghan. Lisa is grateful to be part of a community that promotes and shares healing arts & wellness.

Kim, Yoga Teacher

Based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, Kim is a muralist, RYT-500 yoga teacher, and wanderer. In addition to studio classes, she teaches yoga to special populations, including survivors of traumatic brain injury, patients with cancer, and older adults. Her goal is to support her students to live their yoga and guide them to greater contentment through strength, balance, and flexibility.

Journey, Yoga Pup

Journey is a southern gal who recently relocated to the 'Shire, where she's ready to put down roots, and pick up treats.  With her innately peaceful disposition and perfectly executed downward facing dogs, Journey is (unbeknownst to her) the quintessential yogi.  It's possible you'll find her snoozing during class, making the rounds for some ear scratches and belly rubs, or melting your heart with her puppy dog eyes. Aww, shucks.

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