Please note, in light of COVID-19, all classes are being offered online through the platform Zoom until​ further notice.

To join online classes, you'll need to create an account via Zoom (free), and simply sign up for class using MindBody, as you

normally would.  Please sign up for class 30 minutes prior to the start of class to ensure you receive an email invitation

 to join the class. 

If you're curious about yoga, or just curious about Cow Face Yoga, our introduction special is a great way to dip your toes in and test the water.  Enjoy as many yoga classes as you'd like in 2 weeks for just $30

(14 day countdown begins when attend your first class at CFY).  This promotion is available only to New Hampshire residents who live within a 35 mile radius of Cow Face Yoga, please. 

Why 2 Weeks?

Yoga can be very powerful when practiced regularly.  This is why we'd love for you to join us for an extended amount of time and have the opportunity to reap the benefits of continual practice - and decide which class styles and times you like best.

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